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I have been crafting for as long as I can remember.  As I was sewing and creating for others, I thought it would be fun to open my own boutique.  I spent hours thinking about a name.  "Oh that is so sweet" is a common saying of mine, which turned out to be the perfect business name.  Oh Sew Sweet was born!  As my kids got old enough to help, they joined the business to earn allowance money. As we added products, we added two more business lines, Oh Sew Sporty and Oh Sew Scrappy.  Now, both are finished with college and are truly my business partners, each taking a vital role in the growth of our business. We never did open a brick and mortar store, but we did consolidate all brands into one fun Sew Sweet & Sporty online boutique! 

My kids, their friends and sports teams are my great inspirations.  Each item is handmade by me in our home studio.  We donate to many wonderful schools and organizations in order to build up our community.  Proceeds from our sales also help fund our passion for providing baby showers to the spouses and servicewomen supporting our great country.  Please visit Military Showers of Support on FaceBook for more information.

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Business card blue stitching back.jpg
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